Community Health Hub in the New Hampshire and Vermont region


What is the Community Health Hub?

The Community Health Hub (CHH) is an online resource for discovering health metrics and community priorities in the New Hampshire and Vermont region. The Health Hub serves to communicate to the community in lay language about the value of community-engaged research. In addition, it helps researchers to tell the story of their research and invite the community to report on their experience. The site will evolve and expand to serve the changing needs of our communities and researchers. We welcome your feedback, questions or suggestions at any time by contacting us.


…community needs and priorities for improving health in the Library and Focus Areas.


….with others working on research and other projects to improve health in the Project Profiles, Focus Areas or the Atlas.


…with the Upper Valley Public Health Council, Greater Sullivan County Public Health Advisory Council, and others to examine and improve regional health indicators in the Health Dashboards.


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Regional Dashboard: What does our health look like?

In late 2016, representatives from a broad spectrum of community and health sectors came together to combine efforts to improve our region’s health and well being. They used community input guided by Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA’s) to identify shared priorities. With that in mind, they set to work, focusing on selecting validated indicators and respective measures that would be most important to our community and its immediate needs. The regional dashboard highlights top priorities and provides a snapshot of our region’s current state.

More than one out of three adults age 65+ has a fall every year(1). One out of five who falls sustains a serious injury. Many of them are disabled and even if they are not injured, become afraid of falling again. They restrict their everyday activities, withdraw, and often become depressed. As they become less active they become weaker which increases their chances of falling a second time. Research indicates that people who fall are 2-3 times more likely to fall again, and each fall increases the likelihood of more serious injury or death(1).

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Substance misuse impacts individuals, families, and communities throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. Northern New England is experiencing one of the most significant public health crises in history in the current opioid overdose epidemic. Although the escalating loss of life associated with opioid misuse puts the spotlight on opioids, alcohol is also a commonly misused substance in our region.

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Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live and age. These circumstances vary for each person as they are molded by distribution of money and resources at the national and local level (WHO). Social determinants of health are broad and cover plenty of areas. States create focus areas by assessing communities’ needs and determining which areas need immediate attention. Focus areas of interest in NH are socioeconomic, demographics, housing, and transportation.

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